Spring Renewal Retreat
21 September 2019

Join Natasha and Karen for this nourishing day to renew your mind, body and soul. Take this time to meditate, reflect and connect with yourself through a day of practices combined to shift you out of the heavier energies of winter and help you tune into the new energy of Spring. It’s a day to create intentions and move purposefully into the new season with a renewed sense of direction, energy and vitality.


A Gita Yoga practice with Natasha allows you to seal in your intentions as you work systematically through the endocrine glands and chakras bringing balance to your whole body – in and out. Your inner nourishing continues as you enjoy a spring inspired lunch, as well as more time to connect with your fellow day retreaters and a short walk in nature if you choose. When we return you will delve a little deeper with us into the Spring Meridians, the focus of our signature yin yoga and reiki immersion, to bring you further balance energetically. And then completing the day of nourishing practices with yoga nidra guided by the dulcet tones of Karen allowing you to marinate in all the goodness of the day!

This is one experience you will want to share with your friends. So don't miss out as spaces are limited. Book Now to secure your mats.

65h Chinese Medicine, Meridian Yin & Hip Anatomy I Module

Yinspiration's Franziska Gottschlich, senior assistant to Jo Phee

Nov 9 - 15, 2019

Course Content will include:

• Yin Fundamentals; Theory and Practice
• Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• TCM Diagnostic
• Yin Yang Philosophy
• The 3 Treasures and 4 Vital Substances
• TCM Visceral System
• Theory of Qi
• Acupuncture Meridian Theory
• Balancing Qi in the Meridians
• Meridian Pathways & Meridian Clock
• Hand and Foot Meridian Points
• Meridians and the Emotions
• Meridian Nidra
• Guasha Treatment
• Meridian Tracing, Meridian Palpation
• Meridian Tapping, Meridian Massage
• TCM Lifestyle and Diet
• The Five Element Theory
• Anatomy of Yoga (Hip)
• Skeletal Variation (Hip)
• Posture Analysis Lab (Hip)
• Sequencing & Teaching Methodology


This is a Yinspiration training which students may to use to reach the 500h or 1000h Yin
Certificate by Yinspiration.

For bookings email Janette at info@nedlandsyoga.com.au



PERTH : Breath-Centered, Individualized Yoga – Theory and Practice




Join Leslie Kaminoff, co-author of Yoga Anatomy (one of the most widely recommend anatomy texts for Yoga Teachers and Practitioners in the world), and founder of The Breathing Project, from 14-16 Feb in PERTH.




Leslie Kaminoff offers this two-day immersion focused on his teacher T.K.V. Desikachar’s uniquely practical teaching philosophy. Desikachar’s observation that “the form of a practice should always follow its function” emerged from his background both as an engineer and a yoga teacher. 
Leslie will bring his anatomically-informed, inquiry-based perspective to his teacher’s revolutionary work discussing breath, asana and practical teachings from the yoga sutras.

A Somatic Journey to Sacred Center through Movement, Breath and Sound


The Nedlands Yoga Centre is honoured to host James Knight, GSY founder on his first Perth visit.

Friday  March 20 2019, 6:30pm-8:45pm ­– Gentle Somatic Yoga intro class with candlelight, essential oils and sound healing


COST:  $60 AUD earlybird by November 1, $65 by January 31, $75 full price


Join James Knight, creator/founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga (GSY) and Gwen Siciliano, GSY certified practitioner, for an evening of complete restoration. These two Movement Education pioneers, renowned for their gifts in the emerging field of Somatics + Yoga, will be offering their passion and love in a restorative session of therapeutic movement and vibrational healing. Discover for yourself why Gentle Somatic Yoga is globally recognized for offering immediate and lasting relief from chronic pain, stiffness, and other tension-based patterns.

As the practice of Yoga continues to become mainstream, people are searching for kinder, gentler, and more nourishing ways to move. In this introductory class, you will be invited to explore innovative techniques that combine Hatha Yoga, Hanna Somatic Education, Core Energetics, pranayama (breathing exercises), and healing visualisations.

Our emphasis will not be on stretching muscles, but reprogramming them. We will study the root cause of all muscular pain and reeducate the brain-to-muscle connection through sequences called Somatic Movement Flows®. The results return us back to our natural state, which is peace and well-being.

This introductory class is suitable for Yoga teachers, bodyworkers, active seniors, and beginning Yoga students. Regardless of age or ability, you will learn practical and effective skills which you can immediately incorporate into your practice.


SomaScents™: Somatic sensory activation through botanical alchemy

Ignatius Vigé, aromatherapist and wellness educator, introduces essential oil blends to support somatic alignment and balancing.


Sound Healing: At the conclusion of each day’s session enjoy 20 minutes of sound healing to support your body’s somatic integration. Be held in a blissful and nurturing sacred container where you are free to simply be as you are intuitively guided into deep relaxation through sound. Bring a votive candle (contained), an altar item (sacred objects, e.g. gem/crystal, photo/image that speaks to you, flowers, etc.) and your favorite pillow/blanket, along with your personal restorative intentions for yourself.


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