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Based in Sydney Mysan will be visiting Perth in April 2020 to deliver two workshops and a Masterclass at the Nedlands Yoga Centre.

Mysan is a free-spirited adventurer who applies Yoga to all of her life. She is a teacher of teachers and runs trainings internationally. From years of working with exercise and athletes, she has a thorough understanding of the human capacity on both a physical and mental level, she then combines her passion for Yoga and her love for wellbeing in to the mix and she delivers classes that inspires the human spirit to its edge. 

Her focus is on a functional and individual approach to Yoga and to guide each students so they can benefit fully from their practice. She will challenge beginners to advanced students in her classes – guiding them all to reach their own individual level in the practice. 

You will walk out from her class with lightness in your step and a smile on your face.

Mysan’s trainings and qualifications are too many to list here, if you would like to read more about her please visit


Empower, Inspire and Nurture You

A Yin Yang Yoga Masterclass Saturday 4th 930 - 1230


A Yin Yang Yoga Masterclass where the beautiful Mysan will guide you through a practice that is a combination of stimulating flowing Yang movement followed by the power of a deep Yin Yoga practice.

This Yin Yang Yoga masterclass is suitable for all levels of students and curious teachers. Class is 2 hours followed by morning tea and 60 min Q & A session


A Functional Approach to Yoga. 

A Happy Spine Gives a Balanced Life.

Saturday 4th April 2-5pm


This 2 hour Yin session will emphasise on spinal health and mobility.


This practice will give space around the spinal joints and disks to release unnecessary commpression that we mayhave collected along the way of life. 


You will walk away with a sense of lightness in your posture and a feel of ease as your natural spinal curves now support and balance off your entire Being. Two hour class plus 60min Q & A session.


A Hatha Yoga MasterClass, Friday 6:30 - 8pm, $35

The Balancing Act


If you are a yogi that would like to dive deeper into your practice, this Hatha Yoga master class may be just what you need!


Join Mysan Sidbo in this advanced Hatha yoga practice where she will guide you to flow through asana with sthira sukham asanam (Patanjali’s sutra 2.46) as the main point of focus.


The real purpose of our asana is to lead us to sit in stillness and that is what this strong asana practice does. Flowing with a sense of steadiness and ease to balance your physical body and mind preparing for a pranayama practice followed by meditation. All elements of practice are in the theme of balance – the entire practice leading us to sit in stillness in meditation.

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A Somatic Journey to Sacred Center through Movement and Sound


The Nedlands Yoga Centre is honoured to host Gwen Siciliano GSY Teacher Practioner in perth March 2020

Gwen was a Registered Nurse Practitioner up until a career ending injury in 1986 when an overmedicated 140kg patient fell on her crushing her to the floor and leaving her with a spiral spinal fracture. Gwen was unable to walk and in chronic pain for years. This was the second time Gwen had broken her back, the first time was two years prior and involved a mislanded backflip on a ski run (and some tequila). It took a second message from the universe until Gwen realised she needed to start her Yoga journey. Pain only became manageable when she discovered Restorative Yoga and was erased through the body of work she did with James Knight, founder of Gentle Somatic Yoga. Gwen now regularly teaches sold out classes and workshops in Vancouver Island. Gwen is visiting family in Perth so we will have the rare opportunity to bathe in her wisdom over the weekend of March 20-22 at the Nedlands Yoga Centre. This series is for Yoga teachers, Medical Practitioners, Pain Sufferers seeking relief and self regulation tools plus students alike. Workshops may be booked in isolation or as a weekend healing immersion series.


Friday March 20 6-830, $60 including a candle to take home

Be held in a blissful and nurturing sacred container where you are free to simply be as you are intuitively guided into deep relaxation through gentle movement and sound. Bring an altar item (sacred objects, e.g. gem/crystal, photo/image that speaks to you, flowers, etc.) and your favorite pillow/blanket, along with yourpersonal restorative intentions for yourself. 


Saturday March 21, 11am-1:30pm, $50

Introducing Somatic Movement Flows to inspire and enhance your Yoga practice. 11:00 am Intro and Overview of GSY 11:15 am Exploring GSY flows and andiculation 1:00 pm Integration with Sound Healing


Sunday March 22 11am - 4pm, $75

Introducing new Somatic Movement Flows to inspire and enhance your Yoga practice. Participants will have an embodied experience that will not only help them, but can also be shared with their family members, friends, clients and students. Learning laboratories for review, Q&A and integration following each session. 1:00 am Exploration GSY + Learning Lab 1:30 pm Break 2-4 pm Exploration GSY with use of props. 4pm Integration with Sound Healing


Weekend immersion of all three events may be booked for $150

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Chloe Thorogood
Yoga for Teens 25 hour Teacher Training

Chloe Thorogood has been teaching Yoga in schools for the past 14 years and as a qualified high school teacher has an intricate understanding of the education system and the practicalities of teaching Yoga and mindfulness to teens.


This course is designed for Yoga teachers, High School Teachers and Parents of Teens.


Content includes:


Learning to teach Yoga postures safely and effectively to teens

Introduction to philosophy, pranayama and mindfulness techniques fort eens

An overview of anatomy, psychology and philosophy for teens

Exploration of gender differences and levels of instruction

Understanding and managing the learning environment to maximise participation

Sequencing, classroom management techniques, rules and regulations

Establishing and implementing self care in accordance with the Dept of Education

Practical sessions to fill your toolbox with self esteem exercises and techniques to promote positive mental health.

Gain an understanding of the teen mind and anatomical/physiological development.

Training course will run from 16th - 18th April at Nedlands Yoga Centre.


Cost is $795 with an early bird of $695 if booked and paid in full by

Feb 28.  Message or email to secure your spot or book online below

Yinspiration's Franziska Gottschlich, senior assistant to Jo Phee

October 12 - 18, 2020

Course Content will include:

Myofascial Release 

• Myofascial Release: Theory & Practice 

• Trigger Point 

• Fascia Study: Current Science & Reserach 

• Fascia Anatomy 

• Role of Fascial Sliding, Sawing, Pinching 

• Skin Rolling & Fascial Snap 

• Yoga and Fascia 


• Roll & Release Techniques & Methodes 

• Ball Seqences & Teaching Methodes 

• Fascial Bouncing Sequence 

• Fasial Facial 

• Yin Yoga: Therory and Practice 

• Yin Poses & Prop Usage 

• Yin Yoga Sequencing 

• Combining Myofascial Release & Yin Yoga 

• MyoYin Sequencing 

Anatomy Of Yoga 

• Anatomy 101 (Spine) 

• Skeletal Variations (Spine) 

• Dysfunctions & Injuries (Spine) 

• Common Treatments (Spine) 

• Posture Analysis Lab (Spine) 


This is a Yinspiration training which students may to use to reach the 500h or 1000h Yin
Certificate by Yinspiration.

For bookings email Janette at or book online