Why Yoga?

Most Yogis reflect on their life as a "Before" and "After" coming to their Yoga Practice.

A regular practice provides the physical benefits of greater strength, flexibility and mobility and the mental and emotional benefits of a reduced stress response, increased joy and mindfulness as well as reduction in feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.  Studies suggest that over 50% of initial GP visits relate back to the effect of stress on the physical or emotional being. Undertaking a regular Yoga Practice can help move your Central Nervous system from a state of "fight or flight" to its Parasympathetic Rest and Digest phase; where all healing occurs.

Modern life asks us to make up to 35,000 remotely conscious decisions in a day.  Even without a major life event or stressful job simply the act of navigating life can easily lead to a state of overwhelm.

A Yoga practice is the perfect antitodote to the stress of modern life.  Our experienced and caring teachers offer classes with a style to suit every body.

Our stunning centre is set amongst mature palm trees in the conveniently located Broadway Fair Shopping Centre.  Beginners to Yoga are always embraced at our Centre.

Please use the "Book Online" button to view our timetable or email or message us to secure your place.  If you are new to the centre please call us on 0400 77 00 34 so that we can discuss your individual needs and goals before your first experience with us.


Contact Us

Nedlands Yoga Centre

Suite 21, Level 3

Broadway Fair Shopping Centre

88 Broadway, Nedlands WA 6009

Phone: 0400 77 00 34

Email: info@nedlandsyoga.com.au